Table of Contents

Getting New Leads

To get new leads, the key strategies discussed include:

  • Yard signs – Get at least 100, placing 25% in late October, 25% in mid-November, and the remaining 50% around Thanksgiving.
  • Business cards – Pass out magnetic business cards at completed jobs and in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Free marketing – Optimize your Google listing, create a Facebook business page, and use other social media platforms.
  • Paid advertising – Consider Facebook ads and Google ads, but focus on the free marketing first.

Quoting a Job

When quoting a job, the main points covered were:

  • Pre-qualify leads to ensure they are a good fit for your premium service and pricing.
  • Use a clear ruler to measure the home and calculate the number of lights needed.
  • Provide multiple options in your quote, including a basic option and more elaborate designs.
  • Explain the value of your full-service offering, not just the cost of the lights.
  • Collect a 50% deposit when booking the job to secure the work and purchase materials.


  1. How much should I charge per linear foot? The presenter recommends a minimum of $6 per linear foot, with his current pricing ranging from $8 to $10 per foot, and increasing to $20 to $25 per foot during peak season.
  2. Do you recommend selling the lights to the customer? No, the presenter advises against this, as the majority of the cost is for the full-service offering, not just the lights themselves.
  3. How do you mark lights for easy takedown and reinstallation? The presenter uses a numbering system, labeling each client’s lights and storage bins with a unique number for quick identification.
Live Q&A with Donovan Quesenberry: Getting New Leads, Quoting a Job