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Adding lighting to your home’s exterior can greatly enhance its curb appeal and provide a welcoming ambiance. In this blog, we will discuss a simple and permanent light installation method that you can easily do yourself. No need for complicated wiring or professional help.

Materials Needed

  • Three-foot track
  • Light clip strips
  • Pebbles

Installation Steps

The process is straightforward and requires minimal effort. Just follow these steps:

  1. Attach the light clip strips to the track: Start by placing the light clip strips onto the track. These clips will ensure that the lights stay in place for a long time.
  2. Secure the track: Using the clips, attach the track to the desired location. The clips will keep it securely in place.
  3. Attach the lights: Once the track is secured, simply click the lights onto the clips. The lights should fit snugly and stay in place.
  4. Add pebbles: To further secure the lights and add a decorative touch, fill the track with pebbles. These pebbles will keep the lights from sliding and create a visually pleasing effect.
  5. Extend the installation: If you wish to cover a larger area, repeat the above steps by connecting additional tracks together.

By following these steps, you can create a simple yet effective lighting installation for your home.

Below the Gutter Lighting

One popular placement option is installing the lights below the gutter. This setup provides a clean and contemporary look to your home’s exterior. The lights are positioned right against the house, casting a soft glow downwards.

Many homeowners prefer this method for its simplicity and elegant appearance. It adds a touch of sophistication to any home without overwhelming the overall design.

Consider the below-the-gutter lighting option and see if it aligns with your preferences and home’s architectural style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the lights stay in place?

A: The light clip strips are designed to keep the lights securely attached for an extended period. Once properly installed, you can expect the lights to remain in place for a long time, even in various weather conditions.

Q: Can I easily remove the lights if needed?

A: While the installation is intended to be permanent, you can remove the lights if necessary. Simply unclip them from the clips and carefully detach the track from its position.

Q: Can the lights be dimmed or adjusted?

A: The lights used in this installation are typically not dimmable or adjustable. However, you can choose lights with different brightness levels or colors to achieve your desired effect.

4. Do I need any special tools for the installation?

A: No, this installation method does not require any special tools. The tracks and clips are designed to be easily attached and detached without the need for additional equipment.


Creating a simple and permanent light installation for your home is easier than you think. With a three-foot track, light clip strips, and some pebbles, you can transform your outdoor space into a beautifully illuminated area.

Consider the placement below the gutter for a sleek and modern look. This method is both visually appealing and easy to maintain.

So why wait? Start your light installation project today and enjoy the enchanting ambiance it brings to your home.

Creating a Simple and Permanent Light Install for Your Home