Christmas and the holiday season is imbued with a magic all its own, which is found in sights, sounds and smells that are specific to this time of year. Among the festive sights that make this time of the year innately magical are the holiday lights that are a strategic part of the season. Christmas lights for many people mean lights on a holiday tree, or else lights used to magically transform a home’s exterior. In truth, however, lights are a great way to add holiday magic all over your home. There are many wonderful non-traditional places to display holiday lights, as well as many wonderful non-traditional ways to display them. For example, consider candles or Chinese lanterns. Use strands of single lights, or stars, to dress up windows. Festoon lights across a hallway ceiling to create a fairy sky. Hang strands from bedposts, sheathed in gauzy fabric, for a magical, mystical effect. Cover favorite knick-knacks, planters, empty birdcages etc, with bright fairy lights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christmas lights are traditionally used outside, or on a Christmas tree, but they can actually be used in any small part of your home.
  • Do it yourself projects use recycle and repurpose hundreds of thousands of otherwise thrown out materials every year.
  • Make a bookshelf out of crates, a daily menu from a chalk board, or use veggies and leaves to glorify your abode with stencils and stamp art.

“Whether you are accustomed to the traditional tree decorating way or not, we bring you 27 Incredible DIY Christmas Lights Decorating Projects that will spice things up, change the atmosphere and turn your home into a wonderland.”

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