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One of the fun things to do every Christmas is to drive by the holiday light displays. Some of the best displays are in Nashville, Tennessee and St. Augustine, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. Each of those cities have very spectacular Christmas light attractions. Some other great Christmas attractions are in Washington, D.C. and Hershey, Pennsylvania and Branson, Missouri. Christmas Town in McAdenville, North Carolina is nominated for the best light display in the nation as is Wheeling, West Virginia. Las Vegas, Atlanta and Charleston have wonderful displays every year also. Baltimore has a German-inspired Christmas display every year. Newport Beach in California has a Christmas Boat parade that is great.

Key Takeaways:

  • While every city and town will have light displays during the holidays there a some select places that really celebrate Christmas.
  • Some of the best light displays are associated with local hot spots like the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., or Hershey Park in Pennsylvanian, and Branson Missouri.
  • Just because Christmas is associated with winter doesn’t mean only cold locales have the best lights. Nashville, Las Vegas, and St. Augustine have nationally renowned displays.

“Some of the best Christmas lights you’ll find in the Big Apple are in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn — specifically from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue and between 83rd and 86th Streets.”

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