suburban home decorated with Christmas lights
Orlando, unlike some cities, has no laws regulating when homeowners must take down their Christmas decorations. Instead, how long the decorations stay up is totally up to the homeowner. However, with some exceptions, leaving your decorations up for a full month after Christmas is over seems too long. People in the town of Christmas, near Orlando, keep their decorations up all year long to go with the town theme. But consider taking your decorations before now unless you have a really good reason.

Key Takeaways:

  • The city of Orlando does not require people to take down Christmas decorations by a specific date. It’s ultimately up to them.
  • A lot of people get angry for some reason when they see Christmas decorations when Christmas season has come and gone.
  • Leaving your Christmas decorations out for a long period of time can cause them to rust and wither and ultimately cost you money as you’ll need to purchase new ones.

“People see them and want to stab that inflatable 10-foot Santa in his belly. It would be hard to find a jury that would convict the assailant of lawn-ornament homicide, since about 99.7% of the Earth’s population put away Christmas lights weeks ago.”

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