Christmas music can be bad
Christmas lights are a magical decoration and can really pull your whole decor together, but untangling them when you’re unpacking can be really difficult and ruin the festive mood. However, it can get expensive to throw away the lights and buy them new each year, even if the lights are relatively cheap. Here are some tips for how to store your Christmas lights so that they’re easy to untangle the next year, saving yourself a lot of time and effort.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cut a slot in a piece of cardboard before wrapping your lights around it, so you can secure the loose end in it.
  • You can wrap your lights around a plastic hanger — this works best if it is one of the kind that has small hooks on each end.
  • For icicle lights, you might be better off wrapping them in plastic sheeting for storage.

“If you’ve got a leftover cardboard roll from your wrapping paper, a cardboard roll from your kitchen paper towel or an empty Pringles tube, you can use it to keep your Christmas lights untangled.”

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