Tall tree with lights
Holiday season is behind us and we already start thinking about the next one. It is still heart warming to see some houses and yards decorated with Christmas ornament. The association of the time when we just lay around and watch holiday themed movies is hard to avoid. Pinehill Inn, a bed and breakfast in Oregon, is living through Christmas season with full intensity these days. That is because the inn is the location of a Christmas movie set filmed in Oregon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pinehill Inn Bed & Breakfast has Christmas decorations up because it is being used in a holiday romance movie.
  • The movie is titled ‘Lacy’s Christmas Do-Over,’ but its network isn’t clear yet.
  • The movie names the town and the B&B, so it could provide a tourism boost to the area.

“We are officially in the part of the year when I really miss the beauty and bustle of the holiday season.”

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An Oregon B&B Stars in Upcoming Christmas Movie