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In this insightful interview, Matt Green, the owner of Blue Duck Lawn Care in Indianapolis, shares valuable strategies and insights for running a thriving Christmas light installation business. As a competitor of the host, Sam, Matt has found innovative ways to grow his company and outperform his rivals, offering a wealth of knowledge for aspiring and experienced Christmas light professionals alike.

Defining Your Customer Avatar

Matt emphasizes the importance of identifying your target customer, or “customer avatar,” as the key to success in the Christmas light industry. He explains that higher-income families with children are the ideal clients, as they are more likely to invest in creating magical holiday experiences for their families. By focusing on these affluent customers, Matt has been able to command premium prices for his services and secure a strong foothold in the Indianapolis market.

Partnering with Complementary Businesses

Another strategy Matt shares is the power of strategic partnerships. He has successfully collaborated with interior designers, home builders, and other complementary service providers to tap into their existing customer bases and generate new leads. By offering a seamless, turnkey solution for both interior and exterior holiday décor, Matt has been able to provide exceptional value to his clients while also expanding his own customer reach.

Streamlining the Estimating Process

One of the most valuable insights Matt shares is his unique approach to estimating Christmas light installations. Instead of providing detailed quotes upfront, Matt’s team waits until they are on-site to determine the exact materials and labor required, allowing them to provide a more accurate and profitable estimate. This strategy helps to avoid the common pitfall of underestimating the cost of mini lights, which can make or break the profitability of a job.

Embracing Collaboration with Competitors

Contrary to the common belief that competitors are enemies, Matt emphasizes the importance of fostering positive relationships with other Christmas light installers. He explains how he has been able to subcontract work to other companies, while also receiving referrals and support from his peers. By adopting a collaborative mindset, Matt has been able to grow his business without feeling the need to constantly undercut his competitors.

Diversifying and Expanding Services

In addition to his core Christmas light installation business, Matt is exploring new revenue streams, such as offering artificial Christmas tree delivery and storage services. By continuously seeking out ways to expand and diversify his offerings, Matt is positioning his company for long-term success and sustainability.


How can I identify my ideal customer avatar?

  • Focus on higher-income families with children, as they are more likely to invest in holiday lighting and décor.
  • Research the demographics and spending habits of your local community to determine the best target market.
  • Consider partnering with businesses that cater to your ideal customers, such as high-end home builders, interior designers, and luxury retailers.

What are the benefits of waiting to estimate mini lights until on-site?

  • Provides a more accurate assessment of the materials and labor required, reducing the risk of underestimating costs.
  • Helps to avoid sticker shock for customers, as the final price is presented after the initial estimate.
  • Allows for greater flexibility in accommodating customer budgets and preferences during the installation process.

How can I build positive relationships with my competitors?

  • Adopt a collaborative mindset and be willing to share resources or subcontract work when needed.
  • Attend industry events and networking opportunities to connect with other Christmas light installers.
  • Offer to provide referrals or recommendations to your peers, as they may reciprocate in the future.

What are some ways to diversify and expand my Christmas light business?

  • Consider offering complementary services, such as artificial Christmas tree delivery and storage.
  • Explore opportunities to partner with interior designers, home builders, and other related businesses.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends and new product innovations that could enhance your service offerings.
Maximizing Profits: Strategies for Successful Christmas Light Installation

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