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Introducing the New Security Lighting Feature

Meshtek, the leading provider of smart home technology, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking update to their mobile application, introducing a game-changing feature: Security Lighting. This innovative solution offers homeowners an unprecedented level of control and customization when it comes to enhancing the security and ambiance of their property.

In the past, homeowners who desired security lighting had to compromise, either leaving all their lights on or settling for a uniform warm white glow. However, with the new Security Lighting feature, Meshtek has revolutionized the way you can protect your home while maintaining a tailored, visually appealing aesthetic.

Customizable Lighting Patterns for Enhanced Security

The Security Lighting feature allows you to create a personalized lighting pattern that not only deters potential intruders but also adds an elegant touch to your outdoor spaces. By selectively turning off and on specific lights, you can craft a dynamic, eye-catching display that serves as a deterrent while seamlessly blending with your landscape.

Whether you prefer a subtle, alternating pattern of on and off lights or a more dramatic arrangement, the Meshtek app provides you with the tools to fine-tune the lighting to your exact specifications. With the ability to adjust the length and spacing of the lights, you can achieve the perfect balance between security and visual appeal.

Unlocking the Power of Custom Colors

But the innovations don’t stop there. Meshtek has also introduced the ability to add custom colors to any of the strip effects within the app. This means you can now create your own unique color palettes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your security lighting with the overall aesthetic of your home.

Imagine a sleek, modern look with bold, saturated hues or a more natural, earthy tone that complements your landscape. The possibilities are endless, and with 16 million color options and 65,000 shades of white to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

Elevating Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The new Security Lighting feature from Meshtek not only enhances the safety of your property but also elevates its overall curb appeal. By strategically positioning and customizing your outdoor lighting, you can create a visually striking display that sets your home apart from the rest.

Whether you’re looking to create a warm, inviting ambiance or a bold, attention-grabbing statement, the Meshtek app provides you with the tools to achieve your desired aesthetic. And with the ability to easily switch between different lighting patterns and color schemes, you can constantly refresh the look of your home, keeping it fresh and captivating.

Effortless Integration and Control

The beauty of the Meshtek Security Lighting feature lies in its seamless integration with the rest of the Meshtek ecosystem. By using the intuitive mobile app, you can manage and control all aspects of your home’s lighting, from the security features to the ambient mood lighting, with just a few taps on your smartphone.

This level of control and convenience allows you to create a truly personalized living experience, where the lighting in your home adapts to your needs and preferences effortlessly. Whether you’re entertaining guests, relaxing at home, or securing your property, the Meshtek app puts the power in your hands.


How does the Security Lighting feature work?

The Security Lighting feature allows you to create a customizable lighting pattern that includes a mix of on and off lights. This pattern can be adjusted in terms of length and spacing, giving you the ability to craft a unique and visually appealing security lighting setup for your home.

Can I create my own custom colors for the lighting?

Yes, the Meshtek app now includes the ability to add custom colors to any of the strip effects. You can choose from 16 million color options and 65,000 shades of white, allowing you to perfectly match your security lighting to the overall aesthetic of your home.

How do I control the Security Lighting feature?

The Security Lighting feature is fully integrated into the Meshtek mobile app, which provides a user-friendly interface for managing all aspects of your home’s lighting. You can easily adjust the lighting patterns, select custom colors, and switch between different settings with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Can I use the Security Lighting feature with my existing Meshtek system?

Yes, the Security Lighting feature is compatible with all Meshtek lighting products and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing smart home setup. This ensures a consistent and cohesive lighting experience throughout your property.

How does the Security Lighting feature enhance the overall curb appeal of my home?

By allowing you to create custom lighting patterns and color schemes, the Security Lighting feature enables you to elevate the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. The ability to strategically position and control the lighting can help showcase your property’s architectural features, landscaping, and overall aesthetic, making it a true showpiece in your neighborhood.

Meshtek’s latest update to their mobile app has truly revolutionized the way homeowners can approach security lighting. With the introduction of the Security Lighting feature and the ability to create custom color palettes, you now have the power to enhance the safety and visual appeal of your property in ways never before possible. Embrace the future of smart home technology and elevate your living experience with Meshtek’s innovative lighting solutions.

Elevating Your Home Security with Meshtek’s Innovative Lighting Solutions