The right internal design can make winter months, when you’ll spend a lot of time cooped up inside, seem less tedious. Your winter palette should be fairly calm and neutral. Emerald and deep purple tones can go well with brass accents, for example. Wreaths (albeit of a very different variet than Christmas wreaths) and even ice skates can be hung up on walls or next to doors as decorative elements. Another possibility is using deep blue pillows to accent a white sofa and background.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of the more typical red and green, decorate your table with purple and emerald with brass accessories.
  • Even if you don’t skate, a pair of ice skates hanging in your entryway adds an interesting touch.
  • Fill vases with fresh greenery instead of flowers and use them as decor throughout your home.

“Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean wreaths are over for the season. Swap your holiday greenery for this chic, modern wreath.”

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