Christmas Music Bad?

Through some weird and frankly off-putting assortment of psychological events, it has been discovered that an over-dose on that oh so cheery holiday music could actually have a negative effect on your mood and thoughts.
Before you go shaking hands and apologizing to the scrooge next door who’s been complaining about your Christmas party music for years, just listen to this. According to studies the reason that this effect occurs is that of a very common phrase, “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” Overexposure to these tracks for long periods of time cause you to subconsciously attempt to drown them out.

New findings science study on Christmas music

Christmas music can be badAll of your excess background energy simply goes towards not trying to heat what it is you’re hearing. Kinda like having an unwanted conversation with your in-laws and other “but they’re family so we have to” relatives. For the people working retail during this special time of the year, they get hit the hardest. If the workers don’t learn how to tune out the seemingly never-ending warning that Santa Clause is coming to town, they simply won’t be able to focus on anything else.

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But of course, it’s here for a reason right? The answer is unfortunately yes. On the flip side to this topic, the reason that despite it bringing ruin and misery to most of the workers it’s actually beneficial for the store or company overall. Depending on the song and it’s tempo customers will be more inclined to slow down and take their time browsing, naturally generating more sales. However, even knowing this you’re still treading in deep water.

Should you decide to play something that’s more upbeat and a faster speed, people will move faster and in doing so might overlook something they otherwise would have bought.
No matter if you’re the friendly neighborhood Grinch, or that one strange person who can not wait to put their Christmas tree up on November 1st, Christmas music is here to stay and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The only thing that will be leaving is every single dollar in your wallet.

Feeling a Little Upset This Holiday Season? Blame Christmas Music