Decorating for the holidays takes on a whole new plan when you have a cat or two in the house. Our feline friends love the balls and glistening glitter decorations and oftentimes use them as a source of fun during the holidays. But, this can be dangerous and a nuisance, especially if the tree comes tumbling down. Decorating for the Christmas season is possible if there’s cats in the home, but there’s a few extra steps that you should take.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the writer’s mischievous kitties is fond of tracking soot all over the house.
  • Putting a full-sized tree presented Miki the cat with an opportunity to climb up and then ambush his human owner as she walked by, in a game far more fun for him than for her.
  • Cats also enjoy getting into presents and their wrapping paper, and seem to especially enjoy the crinkly sounds the paper makes when they pounce on it.

“I used to decorate my fireplace and mantle with garland and lights. No longer. My two cats, Miki and Mr. Kitty McCutie-Pants, saw both as dangly toys and batted them around until they came down.”

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