The Bridgers were determined to transform their 100-year old Michigan farmhouse into a winter wonderland fit for hosting idyllic Christmas gatherings. Christine cut up old plaid shirts and used the strips for gift ribbon and ornament ties. They hung homemade apple garland inside and out to accent the wood plank floors and trim. The family’s stockings are made from vintage sweaters and hung on the mantle with metal letters. And of course their tree is decorated with festive salt dough ornaments created by the kids.

Key Takeaways:

  • When two DIY-minded Midwesterners bought 400 square feet of property and a 100 year old farmhouse, the place was antiquated too small and in rough shape.
  • The couple studied old farmhouses and came up with a plan that kept the integrity of the original farmhouse, while adding an additional 1400 square feet of space.
  • One way they maintained the charm of the original homestead was by stripping the walls down to the original planks.

“While idyllic, the property wasn’t a fully formed winter wonderland when the Bridgers first found it two years ago.”

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