One Home Depot enthusiast also blessed with a homestead encompassing land from a forest preserve, wanted to create a winter wonderland in the back part of the property to delight the family. To make it happen the first purchase was a giant size Noel sign, specific to home depot. To really make the magic happen however, the homeowner found two winterberry trees, festooned with branches of LED lights. This second find so mesmerized our wonderland-creator that he bought two of them. Each winterberry tree topped off at a total of 7 feet. The branches of lights 660 branches each. Besides these key elements a star shower motion laser light show was added as well as a plug-in to make voice commands a snap.

Key Takeaways:

  • To create a winter wonderland display in a wilderness-centered backyard, one Home Depot enthusiast found a several foot high Noel sign to light up and center the look.
  • White winterberry branch trees with LED lights were a great complement to the festive scene.
  • The set of trees were 7 feet high apiece and each had a total of 660 branches worth of sparkling LED lights.

“And finally, this year we added the WeMo wi-fi enabled smart plug to make managing our holiday light display simple and easy with voice activation. I can literally power all of the exterior lights up or down, with one voice activated command!”

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