Just because it’s winter time and most flowers have disappeared is no reason to leave blooms out of your Christmas centerpiece. Nor is there any reason to go with non-seasonal options. Create beauty using the primary Christmas colors of green, red and white. Some great floral options include amaryllis, which is available in a stunning Christmas red, as well as snowy white hellebore, anenomes and ranunculus. Besides utilizing greenhouse beauties, like the above, don’t forget the lovely options right outside your door. Use pine cones, fir branches, holly and ivy to name a few. Besides the fragrance and the delicate beauty of the flowers, be sure to use candles, which add a mystical warm glow and charm. Scented variants which suit the season include cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon.

Key Takeaways:

  • When decorating your Christmas table with flowers, keep to the season’s colors with reds, greens and whites.
  • Ranunculus, hellebores, amaryllis, and anenomes, are available in snowy white or brilliant red to add table impact.
  • Homegrown, holly, ivy and fir branches, as well as pine cones, are all wonderful additions to a festive centerpiece.

“No Christmas displays are ever quite complete without a spray of festive flowers.”

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McQueens’ Top Tips for Festive Floral Table Arrangements