A married couple in Michigan has solved the cord-tangling problems of the world with their new product: GadgetKlip. After four year of development, Michael and Sherryl Despres have created a nifty tool that allows for organized cord management. Some common applications include storing Christmas light, organizing computer wires, and even storing bungee cords. The Gadget Klip comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, which are colored white, blue, and black respectively. The product is available in Ace Hardware stores and an assorted-sized pack of 20 retails for about $30.

Key Takeaways:

  • The product comes in three different sizes and colors and is available for online purchase now at gadgetklip.com.
  • The idea for GadgetKlip came about when an improvised system of using binder clips to keep cords from tangling was leaving dents on the cables.
  • After evaluating multiple types of plastics and prototypes, stainless steel wings and a flexible plastic body was chosen for GadgetKlip.

“GadgetKlip, designed with cord and cable management in mind, was unveiled at the Ace Hardware Corporation’s 2019 fall convention from Sept. 5-8 in Atlanta.”

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Couple debuts their own cord management tool