Cats can find a Christmas tree to be an especially irresistible target for exploration and mischief. The shiny and jingly decor that often accompanies such a tree can attract the interests of your curious cat. This can present not only an aesthetic issue, but also a safety one for your beloved pet. Thankfully, responsible owners can take certain precautions to keep their pets and festive decor safe all season long. Some of these steps might include choosing garland that is made from paper to decorate, strategically setting treated pinecone decorations around the tree, and adorning the tree with bells to alert you to any activity nearby, among others.

Cat gets in trouble at Christmas time
This cat is always getting in trouble even around Christmas time

Key Takeaways:

  • During the festive season, owners must remember pay take extra close attention to their pets’ whereabouts
  • Taking precautions with your tree setup will not only preserve the tree’s appearance but also ensure your pet’s safety
  • Some festive looking items that can be used as repellents to cats include pinecones and orange peelings

“Don’t let your cat confuse your tree stand for the litter box!”

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