During the holiday season, hanging Christmas lights can be a hassle. Instead of buying new ones, there are a few ways to fix old Christmas to light up the winter sky. If a fuse is blown, you can replace it with a backup fuse and a screwdriver. If it’s a broken bulb, you can purchase replacement bulbs for super cheap. Unfortunately, if it’s a faulty or chewed-through wire, you probably will have to shell out the money for a new set of lights.

Key Takeaways:

  • A variety of factors can lead to the loss of electricity in a particular light strand
  • The issue might be traced to one or more bulbs that have broken and require replacement
  • To save time and simplify the process, tools can be purchased to assist with finding the busted bulb

“Rather than giving up and driving to the store to buy a whole set of new ones, here’s how to fix Christmas lights once and for all.”

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Here’s Exactly How to Fix Christmas Lights