Now a lot of people call our company wanting tall trees decorated at the house for the holiday season. Christmas lights on trees are one of the most requested items every year.

These two trees were installed without the use of a ladder

I think most people assume when they call us we are coming out with a bucket truck to install the lights on their tall trees or maybe really big ladders. Now we do use a bucket truck on really tall trees But we have much a easier way that will save time and reduce the danger dramatically that works on trees less than 25 feet tall.

Hot to wrap trunk and transition to tall branches

What we use is generally a long Painter’s pole and a bicycle hook taped to the end of the pole. Here is a video Jason Gieman just made explaining his method of installing lights on 30 foot tall trees.

This tree is being installed by professional Jason Gieman.

This method is definitely safer than climbing a ladder to install lights on the tree. Staying in the ground is always a safer method than climbing ladders and trees. The type of lights for installation generally are mini lights for an evergreen as they tend to look the best spiral wrapped if the spaced evenly apart.

Type of lights make a difference.

Mini incandescent lights spiraled on an evergreen tree.

Like to use C7 lights on very large evergreen trees to make it look like a Christmas tree but very hard to do without a bucket truck. So to install Holiday lighting On a tree from the ground you should use mini lights. If you use incandescent remember you can often only plug 5 strands end to end so you will be needing a lot of extension cords. You will save time and money on extension cords if you install LEDs becuase you can often plug 20 strands or more end to end which is more than enough lights for most any tree.

Also remember LEDs are much easier to install and won’t flip breakers so it’s worth the higher expense up front to purchase them rather than incandescent.

How to install Christmas Lights on tall tree like a pro with out a ladder.