Christmas GIft Giving Ideas

Gifts that are practical are often overlooked but can still make for great gifts. For someone who is food-oriented, a cheese board or a new set of oils and salts can be fantastic gifts. Other friends who are geared towards the office may appreciate a coffee machine, magazine subscription, or label maker, as these can often come in handy in office settings. Lastly, for other people who may not fit the aforementioned categories, tools, slippers, a sleep mask, a prepaid SIM card, or candles can be great and thoughtful gifts.

Key Takeaways:

  • For friends focused on the home and kitchen, cheese boards, oils and salts, and candles are fantastic.
  • For more office-oriented people, coffee machines, label makers, and magazine subscriptions are great gift ideas.
  • Other often overlooked gifts include SIM cards, slippers, and tools, which are practical yet thoughtful.

“Giving a practical and useful gift is all about something that will get used, rather than just sitting on a shelf (or re-gifted when you’re not looking).”

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