Before you start climbing up any ladders to clip the lights on your house this holiday season, hanging lights like a pro starts on the ground.

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Tip #1: get good quality LED lights rarely sold in local big box stores. Minleon are good And a few other brands Like HBL

I have run into homeowners trying to get their houses to look good using junk lights. Sorry if you start with trash lights it’s going to be hard to get your holiday light display to look classy when you are finished.

Many of the big box stores sell LEDs that first of all only have one diode you can’t even see if it’s on during the daylight. That’s bad. Second the strand the light is attached to is often twisted together and makes it extremely difficult to attach a clip to bulb that will keep bulbs straight off roof.

If you buy a spool of lights and have a box of bulbs you are probably off to a better start than most anything a big box store will have to offer. There are several brands preferred by professional but Minleon and opticore are probably the most popular and reliable c9 LEDs you can find easily.

Tip #2: Start with a good Christmas light clip

It is important to get a high quality clip that will keep your lights nice and straight on the roof and won’t fall off while you are trying to install or remove the lights after the holidays. The clip seems so insignificant that who cares right, however, with out the right clip your lights may never look straight or professional.

How is that, you ask? Well if the clip only goes on the electrical wire and does not hold the bulb securely, it is highly unlikely your installation will have nice crisp classic lines that most people are looking for.

Tip 3# wrapping your lights on the ground

How to roll up your lights after clipping

This may seem dumb but if you don’t wrap them right on the ground or when you put them into storage you could be fighting a tangled mess on the ladder which is not fun. Here is a quick video tutorial of how to roll up your lights.

Tip #1 how to hang your Christmas roof lights like a pro : it starts on the ground