‘Tis the season to hang the wreaths and string the Christmas tree lights! Christmas lights are one of the biggest and brightest signs of the holiday season, and lights on a tall tree are always a sight to behold. While a decorated tree will forever catch people’s hearts and eyes, getting them ready can take a lot of preparation, especially when working with an oversized Christmas tree. 

Of course, you can turn to a company like Christmas Light Installers LLC and our commercial or residential Christmas light installers. But there are also a few key tricks to follow and some important tips for putting Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree. Whether your tree is 12 ft. or 50 ft, and if you decide to go the route of a DIY installation, consider these tips to hang lights on a tall tree without using a lift.

Finding the Right Measurements

The first step to putting Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree is to find the right measurements. The last thing you want to do is hop on a tree without understanding how your lights will look or how many you’ll need.

Measure the circumference of the tree trunk, and estimate the height to the top of the tree. A relatively close guesstimate works fine in this case, but make sure you start from the base of the tree.

Once you have these figures, determine how far apart you want your lights to be. Two to three feet is usually a good distance, but you can go wider or closer. Divide the height of the Christmas tree by the length of how far apart you want the lights to be. Multiply this figure by the circumference you measure; now you know how many feet of lighting you need.

If you want to avoid a few calculations, a good rule of thumb is to use 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of the tree. Either way, before you put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, you must make sure you have accurate measurements.

Use a Painter’s Pole

The toughest part about a tall Christmas tree is not just getting up there but finding out how to make a beautiful design while suspended in mid-air. Sure, a friend can provide help, but there’s got to be some way to make your life easier, right? Fortunately, a painter’s pole is a great way to ensure those hard-to-reach limbs are lit.

Start by removing the roller so that the metal hook is exposed. You may need to purchase a hook, which you can find at most home improvement stores. Before you begin stringing, make sure your lights are plugged into an outlet and extension cord if you need one. You can then place the first strand of lights into the hook and slowly work your way around the tree. Pro tip: start from the bottom and work your way to the top, adjusting the pole’s length when needed.

Make Your Own Pole!

Don’t have a painter’s pole? No problem! You can still put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree with a makeshift pole. First, find two old brooms and saw off a clean edge on the first broom. Take two nails and drive them into the sawed-off edge, creating a V-shaped image that allows you to pull at the lights. 

Finally, tape the two sticks together with duct tape, making them close enough to not wiggle but not so much that you don’t maximize the length of the two brooms. Best of all, if you need to put lights on a taller tree outdoors, you can extend the pole a bit longer with another broomstick!

LED Trunk Wrap Holiday Lights
This Home had a Magnolia tree’s trunks wrapped in LED mini lights. This service is called a “Trunk Wrap”.

Use a Ladder

A ladder might be the best option if you’re working with a tree that exceeds the length the painter’s pole can reach. When using a ladder to decorate your tree, always try to have another person spotting you to ensure the ladder stays stable. Or you might consider calling one of Santa’s little helpers to join in on the fun!

When using a ladder, try decorating the tree as much as possible while on the ground. When you’re ready for a height boost, wrap the light strings into a ball so that you can unravel them as you go. This will also save you from climbing up and down the ladder as you run out of lights. Have your little helper walk the strings around the tree as you place them from limb to limb.

Remember, you don’t need every single branch wrapped. Occasionally, you or your helper can test the lights from up close and at a distance to see whether or not branches may seem overloaded with lighting.

Additional Tips for Putting Lights on a Tall Tree Outdoors

  • Always assess the area for any safety or fire hazards when hanging lights outside.
  • Check the lights to ensure they are for outdoor use before putting them up.
  • Consider using LED lights to save energy.
  • Make sure your light strands don’t have any missing or broken bulbs.
  • Always organize your lights before beginning your decoration festivities.

Also, remember not to hang outdoor lights in dangerous weather like rain or snow. If your extension cords run along important walkways, use tape to prevent them from tripping up your family or mailman.

If you feel like you’re having a tough time hanging your lights, you don’t have to do it alone! Christmas Light Installers LLC offers permanent Christmas lights that light your home throughout the holiday season and stay hidden on your walls the rest of the year. Give us a call today, and you won’t have to worry about having to put lights on a tall tree outdoors again!

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3 Tips on How to Hang Lights on a Tall Tree Without Using a Lift