This tree has many minilights

Although people may consider and even opt for the use of tall ladders to decorate tall Christmas trees with Christmas lights, this is a significantly more dangerous, more time-consuming, and more dangerous method of hanging them. Instead, one can use a painter’s pole that is long enough to provide the reach necessary to decorate tall trees, and fixed at the end of the pole would be a bicycle hook. This way, the lights can be strung up all over the tree without the need to be higher up off the ground.

Key Takeaways:

  • One can hang Christmas lights on a tree with a painter’s pole that has a bicycle hook fastened at one end.
  • Mini lights will look nice on a Christmas tree provided that the spacing is even.
  • Although LED lights cost more, they are easier to hang and they are less likely to trigger circuit breakers.

“Staying in the ground is always a safer method than climbing ladders and trees.”

please not the tree in photo probably needs a lift truck to decorate but we have actually video on next page of how to do a tall tree.

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