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Invest in High-Quality Garland

When it comes to creating a stunning Christmas display, the quality of your garland is paramount. Opt for thick, lush garland that exudes a professional, high-end appearance. Avoid thin, cheap-looking garland, as it will never achieve the same level of fullness and elegance.

Properly Secure and Position the Garland

Proper installation is key to ensuring your garland looks its best. When drilling into masonry, use a small piece of wood to give the screws something to grip onto, providing a secure hold. Additionally, pay close attention to how the garland is positioned. You want the branches pointing in the right direction, with the garland lying flat against the wall, not sticking out.

Fluff and Arrange the Garland

Taking the time to fluff and arrange your garland is what truly elevates it to a professional level. Spend time gently separating and positioning the branches to create a full, lush appearance. Pay special attention to areas that may appear sparse or mashed down, ensuring the garland has a consistent, balanced look throughout.

Accent with Stunning Bows

Bows are the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas garland, adding a touch of elegance and visual interest. Opt for large, high-quality bows that complement the scale and style of your garland. Position the bows strategically, with the legs of the bow spreading out to the sides to maximize their impact.

Tuck in Electrical Cords

If you’re using electrical elements, such as lights, within your garland, be sure to tuck the cords neatly behind the greenery. This ensures a clean, polished look, without any unsightly cords detracting from the overall aesthetic.

Maintain a Consistent Appearance

When installing garland across multiple areas, such as along a fence or around a gate, strive for a consistent look. Ensure the garland is fluffed and positioned in a similar manner throughout, creating a cohesive and professional-grade display.


How can I make my garland look fuller?

  • Invest in high-quality, thick garland.
  • Spend time fluffing and arranging the branches to create a lush, full appearance.
  • Consider adding additional greenery, such as pine branches or sprigs, to fill in any sparse areas.

How do I keep my garland from sagging?

  1. Secure the garland firmly to the wall or surface using screws and a small piece of wood for added grip.
  2. Fluff and arrange the garland to maintain its shape, with the branches pointing upward.
  3. Consider adding wire or other support structures within the garland to help it hold its form.

What type of bows work best for Christmas garland?

  • Opt for large, high-quality bows that complement the scale and style of your garland.
  • Choose bows with long, flowing legs that can be spread out to the sides for maximum visual impact.
  • Experiment with different bow styles, such as classic ribbon bows or more modern, sculptural designs.

How can I ensure my garland looks professional and cohesive?

  1. Use the same high-quality garland throughout your display.
  2. Fluff and arrange the garland in a consistent manner, maintaining a balanced, full appearance.
  3. Incorporate coordinating elements, such as bows, lights, and other decorations, to tie the entire display together.

By following these tips, you can create a stunning, professional-looking Christmas garland that will impress your guests and elevate your holiday decor to new heights.

How to Create Professional-Looking Christmas Garland: 3 Essential Tips

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