Many people love the straight outlines of the roofs edges and gutter lines but have a very tough time duplicating the same crisp clean lighting when they try to deck their home.

Holiday Lights
This home features LED Christmas Lights going along the gutters and ridges as well as up the chimney. It also show cases the LED Candy Cane display.

There is some very simple tips that help make the difference between a classic professional holiday light installation and a homeowner special.

2 steps to Installing Christmas Lights Around Windows and Arches,

How to install lights around windows

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If you are a beginner at installing lights these few tips will help get you started in the right direction to a classy outdoor Christmas light display.

Nice straight lines for LEDS will get your house noticed

Tip # 1 : Get The Right type of Bulbs

I have talked to many people that are wondering how to make their holiday light displays look just a bit better but the problem is they really need to start all over with a different set of lights. The fact is, most big box stores sell very junky dim LEDs that can never compare with professional grade SMD LED bulbs. Many big box stores sell LEDs that only have one diode inside the bulb.

What does having small diodes mean?

This is a house we installed lights on for a Christmas Hallmark Movie In 2019

Professional lights used to have 3 diodes then moved to 5 diodes before the latest SMD technology which is brighter than any diode model lights. The SMD chip inside the C9 bulb in some professional LEDs is the first model C9 to be technically brighter than incandescent C9 Bulbs, and use only a fraction of the electricity. Sorry to say but many store bought LEDs well let’s just say are not bright and should just be thrown in the trash. Here is s hint, if you can’t tell the light is on while it’s daylight, it probably belongs in the trash.

Christmas Installation Pro Tip #2 : Get the right clips

This sounds like a very basic almost insignificant detail, but this is one of the most important aspects to getting a nice crisp clean Christmas light display. If the clip does not grab the bulb tight enough you cannot put tension on the light strands to get the nice desirable straight lines everyone will appreciate. Unfortunately very few clips sold in the big box stores will have any clip that will give you a good looking install where the bulbs are all pointed the same direction.

There are several vendors online that sell professional grade clips that will give you the straight lines like in the photo above. You can use an all in one clip or a screw on clip that will really help grip the bulbs to keep tension on the lines.

Hanging lights like a professional

Here is also some tips from a pro that has helped many people install Christmas Lights on how to get your lights to clip to a gutter in a way that looks professional

Installing Lights on your gutters with correct clips will keep lights pointing all same direction.

There are many other tips and tricks to installing lights. Leave your question in the comments below if you have any specific questions how to install your holiday lights like a pro.

Here is how to clip lights on ground