There are many different options for low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. These fixtures can broadly be put into one of two categories: up fixtures (which shine up from the fixture) and down fixtures (which shine down from the fixture). Up fixtures include bullet, flood lights, well washers and well lights. Down fixtures include tree lights, deck lights, eave lights, path lights and area lights. Each of these different types of lights are best suited to light a different area outside.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landscape lighting fixtures come in two types. The up lights which shine light up from the fixture and down lights which do the opposite.
  • Up lights can either be bullets, flood lights, well lights or grazers.
  • Step lights are types of down lights that are used on fence posts, panels and stone walls.

“If you’re thinking about installing low voltage fixtures it helps to know what types ofB outdoor lighting fixtures are available and how to use them.”

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