Landscape lighting design has a lot of key elements including balance, perspective, symmetry and comfort. Balance consists of lighting an area in a way that seems pleasing to the viewer. Perspective makes one think of how the lighting looks when viewed from different angles including looking at the lighting from indoors. Comfort includes making sure that the colors and power output of the lights match, and symmetry is a self explanatory concept that is important for the overall feel of the design.

Key Takeaways:

  • A balanced lighting plan takes into account that your home has four sides and 360 degrees of viewing options.
  • Different scenarios and perspectives should be reviewed to achieve the best lighting design.
  • Think about where people congregate, talk, walk, how the house looks on approach, even what a burglar might think is germane.

“Balance is lighting your home in such a way that it feels complete, and is pleasing to the viewer.”

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