When you are looking to decorate your homes for the upcoming holiday season, do not be afraid to be bold in what you are trying to do! Your kids, and the rest of your family, will remember the times that you did everything to make sure that they remember the holidays in their home. It is your duty to ensure that! However, though the process can be difficult, you should try to simplify it while remaining creative.

Key Takeaways:

  • When someone goes to the next level to decorate their home, it is remembered by many.
  • Do not over complicate the process of decorating as then it becomes a bit too stressful.
  • The holiday season is the best time for people to come together and celebrate another year of life.

“Every year before I start my holiday decorating, I clear the surfaces in the areas I plan to decorate. The mix of usual decor and holiday decor is just too much and can feel cluttered. In order to fully enjoy the festive items I want to use, I take as much away as I can before displaying anything new. As I unpack a holiday decor box, I put away the everyday items.”

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How to Simplify Holiday Decorating | The Life Storage Blog